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Knox County Board of REALTORS®

MLS Citation Schedule

MLS Citation Schedule

Rules and Regulations for our MLS Separately Incorporated but Wholly-Owned by our Board of Realtors®

Compliance with Rules:


Section 7 Compliance with Rules/Authority to Impose Discipline and/or Fines

By becoming and remaining a participant or subscriber in this MLS, each participant and subscriber agrees to be subject to the rules and regulations and any other MLS governance provision.  The MLS may, through the administrative and hearing procedures established in these rules, impose discipline and/or fines for violations of the rules and other MLS governance provisions.

Discipline that may be imposed may only consist of one or more of the following:

  1. letter of warning sent by email
  2. fines per the Schedule of Fines
  3. attendance  at  MLS  orientation  or  other  appropriate  courses  or  seminars  which  the  participant  or  subscriber  can reasonably attend taking into consideration cost, location and duration
  4. appropriate, reasonable fine not to exceed $15,000
  5. probation for a stated period of time not less than thirty (30) days nor more than one (1) year
  6. suspension of MLS rights, privileges, and service for not less than thirty (30) days nor more one (1) year
  7. termination of MLS  rights, privileges, and services with no right to reapply for a specified period not to exceed three (3) years. (Adopted 11/07)


      Section 7.1 Compliance with Rules

      The following may be taken for noncompliance with the rules:

1. for failure to pay any service charge, fine or fee within one (1) month of the date due, and provided taht at least ten (10) days' notices has been given, the service shall be suspended until service charges or fee are paid in full, or other arrangements have been made satisfactory to the Board of Directors.

2.  for failure to comply with any other rule, the providsion of Sec. 9 & 9.1* shall apply (email me for full MLS Bylaws)  

3. Holidays are taken into consideration when it comes to timely submission of data into Paragon.

NOTE:  Generally, warning, censure, and the imposition of a moderate fine are sufficient to constitute a deterrent to violation of the rules and regulations of the MLS.  Suspension or termination is an extreme sanction to be used in cases of extremem or repeated violation of the rules and regulations of the service. The board realizes there are circumstances when submitting data on time cannot be accomplished.  Should you experience those exceptions, please submit your paperwork to knoxrealtors@knoxrealtors.com  If the MLS desires to establish a series of moderate fines, they should be clearly specified in the rules and regulations. (Amended 11/88)

Schedule of Fines



Due Within


New Listing

72 Hrs/3 Days

$25 per calendar day

Back On Market

72 Hrs/3 Days

$25 per calendar day


72 Hrs/3 Days

$25 per calendar day

Status Change/Incomplete Data

72 Hrs/3 Days

$25 per calendar day

Contingencies: Fulfilled, Renewed, or Cancelled

24 Hrs/1 Day

$25 per calendar day

Cancellation of Pending Sale & Reinstatement


$25 per calendar day

Entering a Property Without an Appointment



Note: The National Association of REALTORS mandates that the time to report Contingencies is within 24 hours/1 Day and the Cancellation of Pending Sales and reinstatements must be reported immediately. (Adopted Nov. 2016).

(*Email the board for those or any of the Board/MLS bylaws @ knoxrealtors@knoxrealtors.com)