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2019 Board of Directors & Committee’s

Board of Directors

Gina Oswalt, President

Al Lindeman, Vice-President

Chris Harmon, Secretary-Treasurer


Jeff Kusner, 1 Year

Dustin Graham, 2 Years

Anissa Treen, 3 Years

Sibley Poland, Past President

OAR Trustees

Gina Oswalt

Sibley Poland, 1st Alternate


Gina Oswalt, Chair

Sibley Poland

Arlen Griffith

Sherrie Toth


Tim Smith, Chair

Martha Denman

Shad Bevington

Al Lindeman

John Nussbaum

Consumer Advocacy/PR

Anissa Treen, Chair

Jenna Guthrie

Cindy McDowell

Beth Eaton

Deann Johnson


Thom Collier, Chair

Tim Smith

Korey Kidwell

Gina Oswalt

Rogena Shank

Professional Stds.

Sherrie Toth, Chair

Jeanna Guthrie

Beth Eaton

Bethany Wittman

Joe Toth


Mary Franz, Chair

Anissa Treen

Ann Laudeman

Evelyn Frazier

Holly Blanchard-Hoar


Dustin Graham, Chair

Shad Bevington

Gwen Sparks

Gina Oswalt

Bethany Wittman


Nathan Paff, Chair

John Nussbaum, Co-Chair

Al Lindeman

Bob Phillips

Cindy McDowell


Jennifer Snow, Chair

Melody Quick

Toni Spaulding

Julie Chester

John Hughes

Forms/MLS Task Force

Sam Miller, Chair

John Nussbaum

Jeff Kusner

Gina Oswalt

Cindy Cunningham