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Knox County Board of REALTORS®

Agent Name Agent Phone Office Name Agent Email
Ackermann, Mara      740-392-5253 Re/Max Consultant Group
Bevington, Shad   740-397-3612 Re/Max Stars
Blanchard, Bill A 740-504-6915 Real Estate Showcase Inc. Mt.V
Blanchard-Hoar, Holly R 740-398-2022 Real Estate Showcase Inc. Mt.V
Bowers, Chris   419-961-1451 Bower Home Inspection, LLC
Boyce, Toby   740-990-9748 C G Boyce Real Estate Co.
Briscoe, Chris A 740-501-7130 Re/Max Stars
Briscoe, Kelly J 740-501-4642 Re/Max Stars
Brown, Ralph W 419-884-3134 Liberty Appraisals
Bumpus, Terry   419-524-5500 First Federal Savings
Campbell, Nina S 740-398-6151 Town and Country Realty Auction Co.
Carpenter, Chip 614-206-1135 Real Estate Auction Services
Cavanaugh, Samantha   740-507-5618 Keller Williams Columbus Realty
Chester, Julie   740-324-7614 Concord Mortgage Group
Coad, G R 740-344-2311 First Choice Appraisal Serv
Collier, Thom   740-627-1544 e-Merge Realty
Conkle, Joe   740-392-1300 Re/Max Stars
Cook, Shannon   614-364-3930 Re/Max Consultant Group
Cooper, Edward 614-570-3755 Howard Hanna Realcom
Cox, Tiffany 614-717-5415 Real Estate Showcase MTV
Craigo, Scott A 740-398-8905 Re/Max Stars
Culbertson, Dave   740-485-1641 Real Living Home Team
Culbertson, Greg   740-501-1385 Real Living Home Team
Culbertson, Martina   740-485-9374 Real Living Home Team
Cunningham, Cindy   740-397-7427 Owl Creek Title Agency
Cunningham, Tim   740-504-6782 Coldwell Banker-Quest
Curry, Jesse 614-644-5900 Keller Williams Columbus Realty
Curry, Joe   740-485-2100 Keller Williams Columbus Realty
Davis, Courtney R 740-398-3584 Real Living Home Team
Demboski, Laura 440-572-1200 Keller Williams Greater Cleveland SW
Denman, Martha   740-398-1879 Real Estate Showcase Inc. Mt.V
Devore, Johnathon   e-Merge Realty
Earhart, Robert P 419-886-1966 Earhart, Robert P.
Edelblute, Martha   740-397-4060 Real Estate Pros
Ellis, Linda V 740-398-3648 Coldwell Banker-Quest
Ernst, Marsha   740-501-8586 Keller Williams Columbus Realty
Farmer, Jennifer K 740-427-2000 Town and Country Realty Auction Co.
Figge, Richard   614-402-0469 Century 21 HomeStar
Forman, Mike   614-332-0746 Forman Realtors
Fowler, Debra D 740-397-1400 Real Estate Showcase Inc. Mt.V
Franz, Mary A 740-398-5523 Real Estate Showcase Inc. Mt.V
Frazier, Evelyn E 740-398-8210 Real Estate Showcase Inc. Mt.V
Geraci, Anthony   614-778-8269 Century 21 HomeStar
Gordon, Robert  614-313-0256 Keller Williams Columbus Realty
Gore, David 740-504-3693 Key Realty
Graham, Dustin   740-504-4425 Coldwell Banker-Quest
Griffith, Arlene   740-393-7777 ACS Knox Title & Closing Services
Griffith, Tyler R 740-404-4292 Re/Max Stars Peak
Guess, Darlene   740-502-2920 Olde Town Realty
Hall, James E 740-397-2680 Evaluation Services
Hall, Michael 614-937-4162 Key Realty
Harmon, Chris   740-331-4236 Union Home Mortgage Co.
Harrod, Robert J 740-397-1556 Re/Max Stars
Hicks, Phil   740-504-9248 Re/Max Consultant Group
Higgs, Cindy   740-399-5512 First Knox National Bank
Hill, Leanne M 740-397-0324 Coldwell Banker-Quest
Hinterschield, Petra 614-746-2115 Ohio Castles Realty
Holmes, Jenna   740-504-1835 H.E. R. Real Estate Showcase Auction
Holt, Suzanne   740-990-9748 C G Boyce Real Estate Co.
Hondros, John 614-790-0411 Homequest Inc.
Hubbard, Loria   740-507-3227 Real Estate Pros
Hughes, John B 614-394-4950 Real Estate Pros
Hundley, Shannon W 740-627-0336 Coldwell Banker-Quest
Jenkins, Andrew 216-392-5560 Keller Williams Greater Cleveland SW
Kaiser, Allison S 740-507-4301 Re/Max Stars
Kaufman, David A 330-674-7355 Kaufman Realty & Auctions
Kennedy, Scott   740-345-5222 Kennedy Appraisal Services Inc.
Kirby, Joshua 740-397-1066 Kahrl & Insurance
Kusner, Jeff   614-517-2949 Real Estate Showcase Inc. Mt.V
Lapp, Christine 614-790-0411 Homequest Inc.
Laudeman, Ann   740-398-5812 Real Living Home Team
Lawless, Jordan 740-507-9983 Howard Hanna Realcom
Lewis, Sharon 740-62-8488 Lewis Realty & Appraisal
Lindeman, E A 740-398-4388 Re/Max Stars
McDonald, Jayme 740-398-7236 Real Living Home Team
Martin, Cary 740485-6787 e-Merge Realty
Manacapellie, Shannon 440-666-9280 Keller Williams Tri-County Properties
Mast, Jon 330-674-7610 H.E.R. Real Estate Showcase
Matz, Russell   419-281-9462 Matz Realty & Appraisal Ltd.
Miller, Carol A 740-397-7800 Re/Max Stars
Miller, Daniel A 330-674-7355 Kaufman Realty & Auctions
Miller, Sam   740-397-7800 Re/Max Stars
Miller, Timothy A 740-502-6786 Kaufman Realty & Auctions
Moore, Larry   740-694-1942 Moore Auction and Realty, L.L.C.
Mosier, Chris   614-309-0494 Lakefront Living Realty
Mull, Melissa   740-485-0900 Real Living Home Team
Mullendore, Stephen D 740-501-3736 Coldwell Banker-Quest
Mullins, Rebekah 740-507-1711 Howard Hanna Realcom
Munske, Gianna C 740-501-8875 Re/Max Stars Centerburg
Nichols, Charlotte R 740-892-2403 Coldwell Banker-Quest
Nobles, Heather   614-899-6943 Nobles Appraisal Express
Nugent, Ken   740-397-8801 K.E.N. Appraisal Services
Nussbaum, John D 740-397-8800 Coldwell Banker-Quest
Osbun, Kennon L 419-864-9575 Osbun and Associates
Oswalt, Gina L 740-501-8690 Coldwell Banker-Quest
Pack, Bob   614-374-4336 Knox Radon EMT LLC
Paff, Nathan   740-392-3000 Union Home Mortgage Co.
Parks-Holmes, Jenna   740-504-1835 Real Estate Showcase Auction Co., LLC
Patterson, Meagan 740-397-1136 CES Credit Union Inc.
Payne, Becky A 740-398-4989 Howard Hanna Realcom
Peck, Cheyenne 41-210-0034 Howard Hanna Realcom
Percy, Michael   740-397-7488 Griffin Insurance
Peters, Ray   330-669-9904 Barber Appraisals
Peterson, Hazel   740-627-1025 Real Living Home Team
Phillips, Bob   740-399-3600 Re/Max Stars
Pillow, Doug 740-398-2631 Re/Max Stars
Poland, Sibley L 740-485-0502 Re/Max Stars
Porter, Joseph   419-253-1777 Joseph A Porter
Quick, Melody A 740-504-3073 Real Living Home Team
Quinn, Lovel 740-577-7919 Coldwell Banker-Quest
Ramser, Hayley 740-398-6338 Real Living Home Team
Robinson, John   740-392-4763 Ace Appraisal Company
Rousseau, Ronda   740-397-1400 Real Estate Showcase Inc. Mt.V
Sansom-Zellner, Kim 419-631-3454 Wilson Family Realty
Sapsara, Bill   614-447-8405 Benchmark Labs
Sargent, Chip R 740-501-5667 Real Living Home Team
Schmidt, Katie 614-439-2047 Real Estate Showcase Inc. Mt.V
Scott, Perry   740-504-2556 Perry Scotts Home Inspection, LLC
Scott, Shannon 740-501-1410 Farm Credit Services
Shank, Rogena   740-392-3934 Real Estate Showcase Inc. Mt.V
Shipley, Nathan 740-507-2243 Re/Max Consultant Group
Shrimplin, Michael L 740-599-7924 Shrimplin Appraisal
Smith, Lori   740-397-1240 Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Smith, Tim   740-627-1164 Real Estate Showcase Inc. Mt.V
Snow, Jennifer S 740-501-3828 Real Living Home Team
Snow, John A 740-501-8733 Snow Appraisal
Sparks, Gwen   740-507-6308 Real Estate Showcase Inc. Mt.V
Spaulding, Anntonette   740-501-0137 Lakefront Living Realty
Sperry, John B 740-507-3413 Coldwell Banker-Quest
Stewart, Ben   H.E. R. Real Estate Showcase Auction
Stulka, Bob   740-627-0109 Real Estate Showcase Inc. Mt.V
Sull, Diana 440-610-0080 Real Living Home Team
Sullivan, Mark   614-944-5900 Keller Williams Columbus Realty
Swihart, Brad 740-510-4461 Howard Hanna Realcom
Tomes, Kevin L 740-549-2707 Home Team Appraisal Station
Toth, Joe   330-388-6293 Re/Max Consultant Group
Toth, Joseph D 740-390-0734 Re/Max Consultant Group
Toth, Sherrie   740-390-0735 Re/Max Consultant Group
Treen, Annisa 740-398-8211 e-Merge Realty
Treen, Bryan L 740-398-2928 Re/Max Stars
Weiss, Lucas   740-397-1400 Real Estate Showcase Inc. Mt.V
Wheeler, Patrick J 740-504-2445 Real Living Home Team
White, Jerry 614-778-0477 Coldwell Banker King Thompson
Williams, Jessica   740-502-6095 Olde Town Realty
Williams, Nicholas 740-358-3461 Town and Country Realty Auction Co.
Wilging, Robert 330-819-1860 Keller Williams Tri-County Properties
Wilson, Amanda 419-569-4869 Wilson Family Realty
Wittman, Bethany F 740-263-9500 Re/Max Stars
Wolford, Larry 614-554-4048 Fine Line Trim LLC
Woolson, Larry W 740-507-9896 Coldwell Banker-Quest
Yoder, John   740-398-2532 Key Realty