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"Wise buyers and sellers don't want to be sold, they want to be informed". Unknown
Knox County Board of REALTORS®


Board of Directors  
Martha Edelblute    President
Gina Oswalt           Vice-President
Chris Harmon        Secretary-Treasurer
Rogena Sank        1 Year
Shad Bevington     2 Years
Jeff Kusner            3 Years
Sibley Poland        Past President

OAR Trustees 
Sibley Poland        
Martha Edelblute    1st Alternate  

Sibley Poland        Chair
Holly Blanchard
Gina Oswalt
Arlene Griffith
Sherrie Toth
Shannon Scott
Jennifer Snow
Nathan Shipley
Julie Chester

Tim Smith        Chair
Bob Harrod        Vice-Chair
Martha Denman 1 Year
John Yoder         2 Year
Gina Oswalt        3 Year    
Professional Standards 
Steve Mullendore    Chair
Dave Culbertson     Vice-Chair
Al Lindeman        1 Year
Sherrie Toth         2 Year
Joe Toth Sr.         3 Year    

Sunshine Committee 
Mary Franz
Courtney Culbertson    
Ann Laudeman
Sherrie Toth
Holly Blanchard Hoar

Nominating Committee
Gina Oswalt        Chair
Evelyn Frazier        
Gwen Sparks
Allison Kaiser
Ronda Rousseau

Golf Committee 
Al Lindeman        Chair
Bob Phillips         Vice-Chair
John Nussbaum    
Nathan Paff 
Cindy McDowell
Nathan Shipley

Education Committee 
Holly Blanchard Hoar,     Chair
Bill Blanchard
Jennifer Snow
Bob Stulka
Jessica Williams